Society, politics and the environment – now you’re talking.

Fumogeni Fumogeni is an independent initiative run by a group of artists, collectors, and curators based in Genoa, Milan, and London. Oriented towards creating a space where art, theory, and critical reflection merge, the project aims to promote social, political and environmental discussion.

Their aim is to share knowledge beyond its artistic context, inclusively with the public. In a series of workshops and lectures, guest speakers are being identified to explore key theories to that end.

Formech have long standing relationships with members of this collective, and so naturally Inspire were drawn towards supporting a group of people who are exploring the arts through critical thought.

Inspire were able to fund and facilitate the maiden Fumogeni lecture, which took place in December 2016, in Genova, Italy. The guest speaker was Elizabeth Povinelli who spoke on the idea of the Anthropcene, and the notion of Toxicity in modern society.  We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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