Formech & The Humber College of Toronto

Our American Head of Sales, Nic Neath, met with Tony Fiore, at Humber College.

19 January 2015


Formech & The French Pastry School

The French Pastry School owns a Formech FM660, the predecessor of our 686 model.

14 January 2015


Formech & RC3DM

Alessandro Rossi of RC3DM was on a mission to create and sell top quality Remote Control (RC) Car Bodies and components...

24 December 2014


New Formech TF Series 2

Specifically designed for packaging and continuous cycle reel feed applications, Formech’s TF Series 2 offers...

3 December 2014


Formech & Architecture at IIT

Formech's partnership with the Idea Shop at the Illinois Institute of Technology is helping shape tomorrow's...

27 November 2014


Formech & Aerotestra

AeroTestra is specialised in the production of sUAV’s (Small Unmanned Air Vehicle), which are fully autonomous...

12 November 2014


Formech launches ‘FCV’ (Formech Cycle...

Featured on all Formech automatic series and select semi-auto machines, ‘FCV’ (Formech Cycle View) introduces...

10 September 2014


New Formech HD Series 2

First introduced 2002, Formech’s automatic HD series earned an international reputation for cost effective and...

4 September 2014


Formech & a Vacuum Forming Pioneer:...

Interview with Model Maker on the Early Days of Vacuum Forming.

12 February 2013